Old games




A word on our technology.

For our games we are using our very own game engine, which we started developing back in 2002. The engine is called Argon, now in 5th iteration.

Argon 5 is a very universal game engine, allowing us to easily create completely different games - just check out our game history. From shooters, through farming simulators, racing games to kids' games, everything can be done. The engine features:

  • Fully realtime lighting model incorporating Deferred Shading for almost unlimited number of lights.
  • Terrain editor for large terrains. Chernobyl 2 uses typically 3km*3km terrain fields, but theoretically they can be much bigger. Terrains are easily edited in our game editor.
  • Plantlife with grass growing on textures, trees, bushes, all very optimised. Chernobyl 2 uses even up to 7000 trees per level.
  • Bullet physics for fast and accurate collissions, including player physics, vehicles, characters and rigid body physics.
  • Enemy and civilian AI that is capable of teamwork, massive battles, dialogues and NPC interaction.
  • Plus the typical: material/texture editor, animations editor, multitexture painting (up to 7 textures at once on the terrain).
  • Very nice environmental reflection and refraction that can be seen on water for instance.

    We are planning to release the engine for public use soon, so stay tuned or drop us an e-mail for more info!