Old games




Games created by Silden team:


Serious shooter taking place in the Alcatraz Island. The terrorists take over the island and plan to hit San Francisco with unknown missiles (apparently), while in reality they plan to take nuclear warheads off the island.

Redneck racers:

Funny, cartoonish racing game. Player takes part in series of racing events among the other rednecks. Funny pickups, car tuning, money prizes and hens all over the road.
This game was made on commission.


Large group of terrorists takes over the Prypiat' and Chernobyl area, planning to transport away all the nuclear materials they can find, while the player is sent in to stop them.
This game was a huge financial success in Russia, holding in sales Top 10 for over 6 months.

Farm Machines Competition:

A beautiful farming game. Player takes part in a series of farming competitions in 4 countries. Over 40 levels, many different competitions, varying daytime, very accurate plantlife, crops and farming mechanics - all make for a very nice game.
This game has been made on commission.

Old Village:

Another farming game, this time taking place in Europe, in the 60's. Also very beautiful with accurate farming mechanics, machines and surroundings from the years back then. This game has been made on commission.

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