Old games




Here you will find a list of games that we either created, or participated in creating as subsidiaries or teams under other companies. Details below.

Mortyr. (c) Mirage Interactive, 1999.
It was our first adventure with PC games development. We did the concept, graphics and gameplay, not the programming.
Sniper: Path of Vengeance. (c) Mirage Media, 2002.
With the help of Mirage we did the game concept. We also created the whole graphics, action and game programming. Sniper was based on LithTech engine by Monolith Software.
Mortyr 2: For Ever. (c) Mirage Media, 2005.
We designed the game (with the help of Mirage guys), did the whole gameplay, graphics and - for the first time - all the programming. Mortyr 2 had TnL based display, introduced first version of our physics and a rough version of enemy AI. It was the first attempt to create an engine that could handle both open spaces and interiors.
Kajko i Kokosz: Szkoła latania. (c) Mirage Media, 2005.
A platform/adventure game for kids, based on Polands' famous comic series. It was a nice turn from serious shooters. The engine has also been improved and some additional shaders started to appear. This game combined stencil and depth shadows. Published by Play Interactive
Kajko i Kokosz 2: Cudowny Lek. (c) Mirage Media, 2005.
Second part of the popular game. Both the titles had the option of playing one of two hero characters, but this one introduced their pet dragon, Milus. Published by Play Interactive.
Trucker. (c) Mirage Media, 2006 dla Play Publishing.
Now for something completely different: arcade truck racing. The engine gained ability do display lightmaps and really huge spaces - at that time 500,000 faces rendered smoothly in realtime was really something. We did the whole thing, with driving and physics module as well.

The Mark. (c) T7 Games, 2006.
Back to First Person Shooters! The engine was almost completely rewritten with new display (completely shader based, with full support for animated stencil shadows) and new, bot-based AI. The Mark featured team multiplayer modes as well.
Paddington Bear (PS2). (c) Blast Entertainment, 2008.
This little kid's game was a real pleasure to develop - and a new experience as well. Paddington was made on a new technology under strict schedules, which we are proud to announce were hit in 100%.
The Protector (aka Hidden Target). (c) Gingerbread Studios, 2009.
Another giant leap for our engine. Great changes in display (completely in Pixel Shader 3.0 with latest material and light/shadow technologies) and gameplay - two distinct characters with different gameplay modes. AI enemies learned to cooperate, use obstacles and different weapons.
Trucker 2. (c) Gingerbread Studios for Play Publishing, 2009.
A sequel for the very successful Trucker. Bigger areas, more animated elements, more advanced display and dynamically changing day times and weather. For better gameplay experience we used Ageia PhysX this time. Different tracks for different trucks (60 tracks total) in 3 distinct gameplay modes.

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